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About Us

20+ Years of Marketing Experience at Your Fingertips...Without the Overhead Costs!

Josh and Liz KNOW digital media. They were one of the "founding fathers" of the Mountainsmith ambassador team and really helped me to get the program off the ground. Every contribution made to our content strategy was written with a keen eye for SEO and an understanding for our target audience. That is hard to find and I am glad we had him and his wife on the team for many years. They have been a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy Dodge, Mountainsmith

Elizabeth (Liz) Smith

Founder & Chief Digital Strategist


Self-proclaimed "nerd" who is also a "creative."

Has the rare ability to understand both technology and  numbers, as well as marketing and consumer behavior.  It's a left-brain / right-brain combo that companies struggle to find in today's digital marketing world!

With a background in tourism and experience working in corporate marketing for major international companies, also has multiple business degrees including and MBA in digital marketing.  

Experience working in multi-national corporations and small entrepreneurial ventures.  Managed millions of dollars in marketing and advertising campaigns, built & implemented technology platforms that transformed business operations and revolutionized international clients.

Josh Wilson

Founder & Chief Social Strategist


Dubbed the "Pinterest Man" and "social guru" of the operation.

Passionate about social trends and the newest platforms, and understands the strategies behind each platform and how businesses can capitalize on them.

Combines a background in hospitality and tourism with being a former real estate sales and marketing manager, as well as social media marketer.  The ultimate social networker!

Lives and breathes social media and trending content so that he can help companies stay ahead of the competition.  Experienced in building influencer / ambassador campaigns, directed video shoots globally, and executed international marketing campaigns.

Why Work With Us?

1.  We're Passionate and Knowledgeable

Digital marketing and social media is our passion! We have degrees in marketing as well as nearly 20 years of marketing experience working at major companies around the world in tourism and hospitality, consumer products, entertainment, and healthcare.

2.  We've Already Been Doing This - Every Day!

Beyond education and knowledge, we have real-world experience actually doing it! We're internet entrepreneurs who have built our own profitable online businesses and websites completely from scratch -- using ONLY digital marketing and social media.

3.  We Love Helping Others

We truly enjoy being able to take what we've learned and share it with others to help them.  We are natural "teachers" and are skilled at breaking it down and making it easy for others to understand.

Let Us Take the Burden Off of You!

Think of us as your extended team (without the overhead costs).

If you aren't sure what you need yet, or just want an initial consultation, feel free to contact us.  We're happy to chat with you and learn more about your business needs, and discuss what we can do for you.