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Specialty Marketing


Storytelling & Recruiting

is a Powerful Combination

Our team has years of experience helping both domestic and international companies recruit top talent for their organizations.  The key to doing this is understanding your brand and company values, then crafting powerful stories that grab the attention of your ideal employees online & then convince them to apply.


7+ Years of Experience in Recruitment Marketing

Domestic Recruitment

International Recruitment


College Recruiting & Internship Marketing

Healthcare Recruitment

ESL Recruitment


Career Fairs & Recruitment Events

Influencers With a Vast Network

Marketing Recruitment

Our Recruitment Work

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blogging
  • Video Production



  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Social Media Strategy & Management
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Web Design & Development


  • Graphic Design / Logos, etc.
  • Influencer Outreach & Partnerships
  • Email Marketing
  • PR / Media
  • Employee Generated Content

Experienced Recruitment Marketing Professionals

We understand what job seekers are looking for online in a company and know how to bring your story to life and get it in front of candidates. Our team works closely with your organization to create captivating content and distribute it through various digital marketing channels. 

Our team has extensive recruitment marketing experience. From healthcare in the USA to teaching English in foreign countries. 

Our team also has extensive start-up experience. Supporting the launch of a company overseas, and then devising a digital marketing strategy & creating content to support international recruitment.

Career China


Our team was brought on board with Career China when it was still a vision. The start-up had not been launched yet, and we were heavily involved from the very beginning…even before the web domains were purchased!

We acted as their international CMO and creative directors to oversea the entire brand development from the very beginning: from the logo, the brand attributes, competitive positioning, researching & developing personas of the target market, colors and design, etc.

Further, our team was responsible for 500+ pieces of content being created across blogs, videos, infographics, etc. We also owned and operated all the social media channels and oversaw the external customer service.

Lastly, our team was key in development and growing an ambassador program which enabled us to gather powerful and relatable teacher-generated content throughout China to help support all our marketing efforts.


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