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If Facebook is where your friends are, and Twitter is where corporations and celebrities are, then LinkedIn is where the money is.  LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform to connect with businesses and potential clients.  If you want to build your client base and your career, then LinkedIn is where you need to be.  Here are some essential LinkedIn business marketing tips you need to know and implement right now.

Why is LinkedIn #1 for Business

The average household income perusers are around $110,000, which is much higher than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks.  LinkedIn is a different animal and should be treated differently from other social media networks.  Everything on LinkedIn is based around advancing careers or building business relationships.

Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the center of your online business and brand.  When you search for “Your First and Last Name” your LinkedIn Profile usually ranks in the top 5 of Google search results.  When companies or customers search out your background before doing business and stumble across your LinkedIn account, then you want to have a rock-solid profile with no gaps in it.  Make sure to fill your profile out 100% to start with and then you can implement other key strategies to get your LinkedIn Profile to stand out.

Connect with Everyone You Know on LinkedIn

A lot of LinkedIn newbies will tell you should only connect with those you know, but I will tell you that it is false.  How do you expect to expand and grow your business if you only connect with people you know.  Yes, if you are out just starting your profile follow people you know, but don’t stop there.

There are over 575 million-plus members on LinkedIn and 260+ million active users, so get out there and use the platform as a meet and greet.  Reach out and introduce yourself to others and connect with them.  As your network on LinkedIn grows, your reach will only continue to grow.

Be Different and Standout

Don’t do the same boring profile that everyone does on LinkedIn.  Don’t just copy and paste your resume in the “About Me” section.  Be creative and stand out for potential clients.  Tell people who you are, who you help, how you help them and how you can do the same for people viewing your profile.  Keep your profile fresh and up to date.  Don’t be boring!

Take the Time to Recommend Others You Have Worked With

The recommendation feature on LinkedIn is one of my favorite and you should make sure to take advantage of this feature.  Recommending others without them asking is a great way to increase social presence on the platform.  I am a firm believer in the more you give the more you will receive back.  Recommendations are embedded on your profile for a lifetime and that means your profile link will also be on the person you are recommending profile as well.

Get Active & Join Targeted Groups

No matter the type of business you are this should be your number one focus on building your business on LinkedIn.  There are big benefits to both going and being a part of a niche related group.  It also can be a big benefit of creating and owning your own LinkedIn Group.  It helps to think of these groups as an independent social network where you can spread your brand’s message.

linkedin business tips

Add Your Own Company Profile

LinkedIn is constantly enhancing the platform and one thing that is on the ups is the Company Profile section.  Similar to Facebook Business Pages, you can add posts, videos, and articles to your company’s profile.  You will want to make sure that you keep your Company Profiles fresh with content that falls in line with your branding.

Optimize Your Search Ranking on LinkedIn

People are constantly searching on LinkedIn and it is being used as a search engine, to some regard.  So, make sure that your profile is optimized to be found and get connected with more people in your niche.  There are some easy tips and methods to help increase your ranking on LinkedIn.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get on to your LinkedIn and your profile and utilize these tips to help increase your reach on LinkedIn.

Do you have any LinkedIn Marketing Tips?  If so please share them below!

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