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Our Expertise, at Your Fingertips.


We're passionate about helping other business owners, it's just what we do. We want to be your partner, your resource, your go-to when you have questions.

And we LOVE seeing you succeed, whatever your unique business is!

That's why we've put together a number of FREE and affordable resources so you can learn more about different aspects of digital marketing, content and social media.  We use many of these exact resources with our in-person consulting clients too!

FREE Digital Marketing Mini-Course & Resources

Gain access to our FREE Digital Marketing mini-course, as well as a library of digital marketing materials, including video tutorials, free downloads, blog posts, and other resources to help you get started in your learning.

Social Media Marketing - PoP Course

Our most popular course! Learn how to get started using social media for your business, at an affordable price. We take you through everything you need to know, just as we do with each of our clients individually.

Content Marketing - PoP Course

Content is critical for marketing in today's digital world. Most of our clients come to us for our content expertise - and this course takes our knowledge and breaks it down in a way that you can understand, and execute a strategy that's right for your business.

Content Marketing - PoP Course


SALE:  $159

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This course was just totally revamped and re-launched with new information as of September 2019!

Learn how content marketing works, and how you can go about creating an effective content strategy that will grow your business.


  • 15+ hours of material including 8 chapters of video content & downloadable worksheets and activities
  • Tools and templates including strategy planning documents, content calendars, budget planning and KPI tracking!
  • This course is a condensed self-paced version of our 2+ day onsite workshop that we provide to our consulting clients.
A $2500 Value for only $199!  $159! 

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Social Media Marketing - PoP Course


SALE:  $159

(20% Off Pre-Sale!)


This popular course is being updated and re-launched with new information in October 2019!

Learn how to get started using social media for your business, at an affordable price!  This course includes content that we provide in-person to our consulting clients!

  • Overview of social media and how you SHOULD be using it for business
  • Breakdown of each major social media platform, and the benefits of using it for different types of businesses
  • Instructions how to set up your profiles properly, including screenshots and tutorials!
  • Content & engagement strategies for each platform (they are quite different in how they work!)
  • Advice for planning your ongoing social media ALWAYS needs attention!

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