Google Plus has been recently updated to more of a sharing links, videos, pictures, and blog content with people in your niche audience.  Before the update, Google Plus was more personal with circles.  We are thrilled and happy for the changes and our business is happy too.  By being active on Google Plus it has helped boost our SEO.   We will show you how to use Google Plus.

Here we will breakdown Google+ and we will show you how to use Google Plus

Google Plus makes it easy to go back and forth between your personal, branding page, and your business page.  You can create several different branding pages and float between each. 

Google Plus Branding Pages:  Google Plus Branding Pages don’t include a physical address that appears on Google maps.  Instead Google Plus offer this for organizations to reach out to followers, fans, and customers on Google.  You can easily link your brand page to your website, share updates, and post photos and videos.

Google Plus Business Pages:  Google Plus Business Pages are managed by Google My Business platform that makes it easy for your potential customers to find and connect with your company.  Google My Business uses Search, Maps, and Google Plus to make your brand more prominent in local searches. 

Quick Rundown of what is on the Google+ Home Screen


Home – This will take you to your home screen and you will see posts based on your interests and what/who you follow on Google Plus

Collections – By clicking on this it will take you to the Collections Page.  From here you can decide whether to view your Collections or the ones you follow. *Learn more about how to use Google Plus Collections

Communities – Here is where you can go to the Communities you are a part of.  This is a great place to go and have conversations with people show share similar interest or that fall within your niche audience for your business.

Profile  This takes you to your Profile page.  You can see how other see your profile.

People  By clicking on this you will find people to follow, see who you are currently following (you can manage your circles here as well).  Also you see who follows you.

Circle Streams  By clicking on this you see stream posts of people that you have placed in your circle.  (NOTE: If you do not see this option, go to Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings, and turn on “Enable circle stream in navigation”)

Settings  You can change up or fine tune a few profile features, as well as your notifications.

How to Use Google Plus – Home Screen

If you want to see your home stream “News Feed” then you will want to click on the ‘Home’ button on the menu bar.  This is where you see posts from others that you follow, Communities you are apart of, and Collections you follow.

You can also post, share, and +1 (like) on posts from your Home stream.

  •   1+ – By clicking on this you are showing that you like this post
  •   Comment – Clicking on this you can add a comment to the post
  •   Reshare – Click on this icon and you can share this post to other social media stream


What does it mean to +1 a Google+ Post?

By clicking the slick cool +1 button on a post shows that you like what you see.  Once you click on the +1 and you want to take it back you can easily do that by clicking it on again.

How do +1s make your Google+ posts more visible?

Similar to other social media platforms the more ‘likes’ you get on a post the visible it will be to your followers.  People who see posts and comments you make can +1 them and their followers might see that they +1ed your post or comment, and you might get a notification that someone +1ed your post or comment.

Who can see your +1s?

People in your network might see posts that you’ve +1ed in their stream and might get a notification that you +1ed their posts.  Also anyone can see your post can see who +1ed that post and comment. 

You can go back and easily see posts and comments you’ve +1ed, as well as remove your +1 by clicking your Activity Log.


How do you Comment on Google+ Post you like?

You can comment on any post you see on home stream.  Anyone that can see the post on their streams can see your comment, +1, reply, unless you’ve been blocked by the user.

What do you need to do to Comment on a post:

  1. Find a post that you want to comment on.
  2. Click on the ‘Speak Bubble’ icon
  3. Add your comment, then click or touch POST, ADD or the send icon to finalize your comment

*If you don’t see the comment icon on a Google+ posts that means you don’t have permission to comment.  Google+ offers people to turn off comments on their posts after other have made comment. 

How to Re-share a Post on Google+

Its great to share content that fits into your niche and its a good strategy to not always post your content.  By only sharing your own content it may come across as a bit spammy.  So we recommend that you share other content that your followers will enjoy.


To share on Google+ its simple.

  1. On the post you want to share, click on the icon on the share icon.
    1. On a computer the share icon looks like 
    2. On iOS is looks like 

2. Once you have clicked on the Share icon another share screen will pop up.

3.  From here you can select other social media streams to share the post on or share it to your Google+ page.

*If you don’t see this option then the person who made the post has chosen not to let people re-share the post.  You can’t share privately shared posts publicly.

How to post on Google+?

This is an important feature to know on Google+.  You need to know this to get your content out there to the masses. 

On the bottom right in the red circle you will see pencil in the circle.  By clicking on the icon you can do the following.

  1. Write direct content on the post
  2. Upload and share a picture
  3. Post a link to content on your site
  4. Create a Poll
  5. Check in to destination

You can also select where to place your post.  You can select to post in your Collection or a Community that you are involved in.


This is a good start to getting familiar with Google+ and your home stream.  Google+ is a great useful social media tool that will help you increase your SEO reach on Google+.  Be active in the Communities and add to your Collections to gain a following.

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