How to improve your SEO with Google Plus?  Well if you are like most people on social media, Google Plus is at the bottom of your list of actively engaging on.  On the other hand, Google Plus might be your number one social media platform for that exact reason.

Google is king and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so vital for people finding your business and products or services.  There are other search engines out there that people use, but for the most part, everyone relies on Google to do their online searching.  So, anytime you can do something that Google likes it can benefit your SEO in a big way.  For instance, using social media platform Google + will help boost your SEO and help you get discovered out there among the other several million companies fighting for that first page.

Is Google Plus Really Worth My Time?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is not as simple as yes or no.  We believe it is really based on the type of business or service you offer.  If you are a store front business, then without a doubt, you need to be on Google+ and you need to be somewhat active on it.  What is one of the major GPS mapping systems that so many people use?  Google Maps.  Having a Google Plus Business Page that is managed through the Google My Business platform will help place you on to Google Maps and then allow customers to leave comments on your business.  This is a must have if you run a store front business.  


If you have a Brand like a blog or web based business then you can set up a Google Plus Brand Page.  Setting up a Brand Page is similar to setting up a personal profile, but not as detailed as a Business Page.

Google owns Google+ so naturally it wants you to use the social network to expand your online presence.  There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to Google, but no matter what you use, one thing is for sure, having a Google+ presence will boost your search engine rankings.

Google Plus SEO Strategy

Here’s how to get your Google Plus presence up and running to increase your SEO and your reach.

Set up Your Google Plus Profile

First things first:  you need to set up that profile and set it up correctly.  It’s not just enough to create a profile and you’re done.  Go ahead and create your business profile for Google Plus.  Again, if you have a store front, you need to make sure your Google Plus Business Profile is filled out correctly.  Also, if you a lot of content like blogs or videos having both personal and business profile is an excellent idea.

Complete Your Google Plus Profile

Ok this is a given (hopefully).  Just know that this may take some time and that is because Google+ profiles are extensive to fill out.  This profile is used for all Google products.  It’s worth putting in the effort.

Fill out your personal and business profile thoroughly.  Don’t skip anything, if possible.  Think of your Business, Personal, and Brand profiles like their own website.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to fill out your profiles completely.

Activate and Get Active

We would highly recommend creating your own Collections and possibly start up your own Community.  Think of Collections like a place to house certain posts.  Similar to how Instagram and Twitter use hashtags, Google Plus Collections is a place to house your niche content.  When naming your Collections keep keywords in mind.


Google Plus Collections

Communities are like Facebook Group Pages.  You can make these public or private.  So, based on your business and niche, these can be used to help grow your business, but we recommend joining a couple and being active with other communities to get a feel for it.

The great thing about Google Plus Communities is there are so many niche communities out there.  You will, without a doubt, find several great active communities in your niche.  A great place to share you content.

At the very least add some posts on your feed and into your Collections to show that you are active.

Add Google+ to your Website

Google ultimately wants to know that you’re content is relevant, interesting, and valuable.  Basically posting content that people are looking for and by posting it to Google+ it will help boost your post up a couple of pages.  By having your Google+ Profile Badge on your website or sidebar it will allow you to get followers easier.  By having a a good amount of follower combined with being active on Google+ it will help you with SEO and your Google page ranking.

Final Thoughts on Google Plus Boosting your SEO

Google+ is a social media platform that is getting overlooked and not in a lot of people’s social media calendars.  We think that you need to be active on Google+ and utilized the Google Plus Collections and especially Google Plus Communities.

To wrap it up, be active on Google+ and you will make Google happy.

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