Would you like to create Pinterest images that have a high percentage of being re-pinned?  How about images that will bring you tons of site traffic and boost your sales?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you are in the right place.  Let’s get started!

Pinterest continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform in the digital world.  Over 80% of its 100 million-plus users are female, but more men are joining the Pinterest world every day. 

However,  the KEY is to have a pinnacle image.  An image that Pinterest users will want to save to their boards and an image that they cannot help but click to find out more.  Check out these tips to creating a Pinterest image user will love to share while you watch your business grow.

How to Create Pinterest Images? 

First things first: know the image size that Pinterest loves to see.  Make sure that your Pinterest image is the right size.  Go and check your boards and you will see that there are more long images on your board than there are short images.  Not having the right size image will make or break your Pin for others to re-pin or click on.

When creating images for your website or products, keep in mind their paintability.  This means, make sure that your images are no wider than 735 pixels.  Any wider and Pinterest will automatically resize it which means the image can look distorted and blurry. 

The Perfect Pinterest Image Size is 735 x 1102

canva home page, perfect pinterest image

Tell People What They are Getting ON the Image

If you are going to pin a picture, it is also helpful to include text that explains what they are going to ‘get’ when they click on the photo.  The image below includes the title of the blog post and people know that by looking at the image that they are getting. 

There are some great sites out there to help you in adding text over the correct image size to make the perfect pin.  You can easily upload an image and pick out the perfect font to make the perfect pinball image. 

  • Sites to help you make the Perfect Pinnable Image – Canva & PicMonkey

arches-3Brand Your Pins with your Logo & Website

Brand your pins with your company logo and or website address.  Don’t let people wait to click on the pin to go through to your site, go ahead tell them where it comes from and where it will take them. 

This may also become a reason people click through.  If your followers see your company logo on the front of a Pinterest image they may think, “Alright. I always love their blogs.  Let me check this out.”

Observe Other Pins in your Feed

Look at what’s out there on Pinterest and see what you like about the images and see if you can make one similar. 

Use Keyword Phrases in Your Description

If you pin a picture on Pinterest without a description, you are basically fishing without bait.  I promise you that your image will never be found or it is highly unlikely that it will ever be found.   Pinterest is one of the only search engine style social media platforms out there, so using keywords in Pinterest pins is so vital for your success.  Filling out your description with keywords will help your image be found more easily.  Don’t use hashtags on Pinterest.  Unlike hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest does not use hashtags.

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Stand Out!  Be Creative!

It can be easy to let your picture blend into the giant sea of pictures on Pinterest.  Don’t let that happen.  Keep it fresh and keep it original.  You want pictures that will capture people’s attention.  If you can’t find the right image, take to Creative Commons on Flikr and other sites like Pixabay and Shutter Stock.

What are you personally doing to have your Pinterest Images stand out?  Share with us some that are working for you!

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