Content Marketing - The Right Way!

Are you antsy to get blogging? Has everyone told you that you need to get your social media up and running for your business?

Wait – before you hit publish! 

Content marketing is not just posting blogs or social media.  It's a valuable strategy for your entire business that not just helps attract new customers, but keeps current customers happy and can even contribute to post purchase loyalty and advocacy.

But many companies lack an actual content strategy!  In this course, you will learn how content marketing works, and how you can go about creating an effective content strategy that will grow your business.

A $2500 Value for only $199!  $159! 

This course is a condensed self-paced version of our 2+ day onsite workshop that we provide to our consulting clients.

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The course is self-paced, giving you time to digest the material & put it into practice. All materials are accessible via your "My Dashboard" page on this website.

Easy to Understand

We breakdown all the elements of content marketing, and provide useful strategies for your business.


Planning Worksheets & Templates

Worksheets guide you through the planning process, and our strategy templates help you bring it all together!


Tools & Resources

We've also included additional tools and resources, such as budgeting templates and content calendars for you to use!

Value for Your Investment

This course takes our more than 20 years of experience in marketing and 8 years in digital and content marketing and breaks it down into a way that is easy to understand for small businesses who want to learn how to do it themselves.

We've built our own businesses & helped small businesses all over the world implementing these exact practices that the course teaches you.

A $2500 Value for only $$199!  $159

This course is a condensed self-paced version of our 2+ day onsite workshop that we provide to our consulting clients.

Lifetime Access & Ongoing Support

This popular course is being updated and re-launched with new information in September 2019!
  • What is content marketing
  • Why content marketing is critical for any business today, especially if you market online!
  • How to create a solid business strategy, which will drive your content strategy
  • How to create User Personas, and ideal target customer profiles
  • Why mapping your customer's journey is important to support your content marketing efforts
  • Content ideation methods, and ensuring you create purposeful content
  • Creative content development techniques, especially if you have constraints
  • BONUS:  TEMPLATES for managing ongoing content planning, tracking KPI's & budgeting!
  • BONUS:  How to leverage customers for user-generated content
  • + Lifetime updates to course content...because content strategies are often changing!

20% off for a Limited Time.  Enroll TODAY!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"You are the content experts, and you've actually been doing it for so many companies - including ours!"

Eric G.

Director of International Business, Career China

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not very tech savvy and a total newbie? Will I still understand the course?

No worries!  We break everything down into simple terms, making it as easy as possible for anyone to follow along.

Is this course only for newbies? I have been doing some content already.

Absolutely.  Even though the course provides guidance for people just getting started in content marketing, we specifically created this course to help those who are already creating content to do it in a more strategically valuable way!  We understand that often times people get thrown into roles such as creating content...and many of them just aren't sure if they are doing it the best way.

We want to help businesses be able to fully maximize the benefits of content marketing & feel confident in what they are doing

What if I have questions, can I contact you?

With our course, you are welcome to reach out to us if you have specific questions or want us to take a look at something.  We are happy to do it for free if it is super quick, but if you are looking for a more time-consuming review of your content / social channels, etc. then we do charge for that type of consulting.

I feel overwhelmed! What if I need some help?

We totally understand!  When you combine everything - digital marketing, content creation, social media management PLUS running a's a LOT of work!  That's why we're here to help.  Our services are available on an as-needed basis.  So if you just want some help creating blog posts or graphics, doing outreach to other websites for guest posts / links or if you want help with content strategy or creating content, then we can create a custom support package to suit your needs and budget.

I Have Friends Who Would Love This Course. Can I Share It?

Yeah!!!  We realize that many of you may know other people just like yourself in your personal or professional networks who may benefit from this course.  By becoming an affiliate in our Referral Program, you can generate a custom link to share with people (yes, even on social media) -- and anyone who signs up using your link will generate a 20% referral bonus for you!!!

This is a great way for you to even help offset the price of the course for yourself (referring 5 people will pay for the course entirely!).


Don't Be Shy

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