With over 300 million active users on Twitter, you may find it challenging to get your brand to stand out.  We see way too many great brands not taking advantage of possible brand building on the platform.  Here, we will give you some tips on how to utilize all of Twitter’s tools to make your brand stand out.  Some will be simple and some you may not have thought of before to boost your brand on Twitter.

Set up Your Twitter Profile and Utilize ALL of the space


High-Quality Logo or Photo as your Twitter Profile

Your Twitter avatar or profile image says a lot about you and your brand.  It can also say a lot about what your brand is about.  You want to make sure that your profile picture sums up your brand and what you will be tweeting about.  Even though it’s nice to post a picture of you and your dog; if you’re tweeting about digital marketing, that may not the best choice.  Your profile picture is how your followers are going to quickly and easily know that’s your tweet.  It will help you recognize your brand in the Twitter feed.

If you’re trying to build a personal brand, a picture of you and your work atmosphere may be best.  Also, think about using just your logo without text to help build your brand.  If you have a well-recognized logo, then you will want to make sure to use that image as your Twitter profile image.

  • Twitter Profile size is 200 x 200.  You can make sure that your image is the highest resolution upload a 400 x 400 image and Twitter will automatically resize it to 200 x 200.

Utilize your Twitter Cover Photo as Free Ad Space

Have you ever thought about using Twitter’s Cover photo as a free source of advertisement?  You should 100% be thinking that way from here on out.  Twitter gives you a huge banner on your profile to highlight your campaign, upcoming events, product launch, and anything you want to advertise. 

In a world where all social media platforms are turning to the paid advertisement for you to just be noticed, save a little bit of money by utilizing your Twitter cover image.  This is a great platform to cross-promote other social media streams such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc.  Don’t waste this precious social media real estate with a boring background image.  Use this space to boost your brand awareness and your current marketing campaign.

  • You can use platforms like Canvas and PicMonkey to help create the perfect image for your Twitter Cover Image.  (Cover Image size is 1500px x 500px)


Make sure to Utilize your Twitter Profile

To help make your brand stand out on Twitter, make sure that you are utilizing all of the profile space given to you.  Utilize the link that Twitter gives you on your profile.  You can use Bitly to help create a special link to shorten and help with tracking for a campaign. 

This also the perfect space to own your branding hashtag.  Hashtags are highlighted and linked to your profile, so people visiting your profile page can easily click on the hashtag link to go to that hashtag feed.  This helps with branding your Twitter presence.  You can also customize the color design of your Twitter Profile.  Utilize this with your color scheme for your brand.

Use all of the Tools that Twitter Gives You


What’s Trending on Twitter

Join in on what’s trending.  By joining in on the #What’sTrending feature, you will help boost your brand awareness to an audience that may not be aware of who you are.  Keep in mind when using hashtags to stay true to your brand.  You are representing your brand, so make sure that what you are tweeting stays in line with your brand and brand’s beliefs.

  • You can also customize what’s trending by location.  If your brand is based on location, this is a critical tool that you need to utilize.

Use Twitter Lists to Your Advantage


Twitter lists are one of the most underutilized free Twitter Tools.  This, in our opinion, is one of the best Twitter tools to use.  If used strategically, it can be a great tool for campaigns and to track loyal followers. 

With Twitter Lists, you can create groups and save profiles to those lists.  If you are running a campaign and have had some followers using a special hashtag, then you can save that person’s profile and target them for future references.  This is a great feature to use. If you have a loyal follower then you can show them some love and share their tweets.  Your followers will love this and can become even more loyal. 

When you are investing time and energy into building your brand, you want to make sure that you are utilizing all that you can in a platform.  Twitter gives you some great free tools to use, make sure that you are using them to their full potential.

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