Facebook.  We all are on it and we all know it.  In reality, it is THE platform that started social media marketing.  When Zuckerberg created this massive communication tool, I’m sure that he didn’t realize he was forever changing the marketing industry.  Even though Facebook is the grand-daddy of them all, this social platform hasn’t lost its relevance in the digital world.  In fact, it still has a lot to offer – specifically for businesses (through Facebook Pages) and continues to dominate social media platforms.  However, with so many businesses obsessed with trends like Facebook ads, they are often ignoring many FREE Facebook marketing techniques that they could be using!

Facebook Marketing Techniques

1. Basic Facebook Marketing Tools all Businesses Can Use

  • Ability to appoint page admins/manager 
  • Facebook tabs for business descriptions
  • Access to Facebook insights

Since you have access to those benefits, use them!  We’re amazed when we talk to businesses who are leaving it up to only 1 person to manage their page, who don’t actually fill out all the tabs and descriptions about their business…and don’t even look at their Facebook Insights!  

2.  Capitalize on the FREE Ad Space on Your Facebook Page w/ Cover Photo

Some brands spend so much money to create and manage their pages, but they fail to optimize all possible FREE ad space by customizing their Profile Image and your Cover Photo.

For example, you could make the profile picture the company logo – of even create a special logo.  But your Facebook Cover photo (that spans across the whole top of your page) is literally your a giant billboard that is FREE – and you can customize it however you want, at any time. 

Advertise for an upcoming event

Advertise for an upcoming event.

Seriously?!?!  That’s a lot of real estate that could be branded – but many companies are not even considering it!

You don’t need to spend money or have some custom design made.  There are many great DIY / free tools out there that enable you to design your Facebook Cover with some slick designs.  We recommend using tools like Canva or Pic Monkey.  They make it easy for you to upload some photos and customize with graphics and text.  PLUS many of these sites (like Canva) actually have a template for Facebook Covers Photos – so it is pre-sized to the right dimensions and ready to go!  

It’s so easy, no company has an excuse not to do this.

3. Useful / Fun / Humorous Posts Attract and Engage Your Audience

Many companies are lost as to what type of information they should post and share on their Facebook page.  While others simply grab whatever they can find and post it.  *FACEPALM*

The fact is, you need to think carefully about what you are going to post on your social media, especially your Facebook page.  Not only should it align with your brand, but it should also speak to your target audience so you can attract and engage with them.

Fun and Humor Score Big on Facebook!

Research shows that people are attracted and engaged more on social media when the information is not only useful but fun and entertaining.  So our next FREE and effective Facebook marketing technique is to not just control the content that goes up on your page but making sure that the content you are posting is useful and fun for your target audience. 

Don’t Be Too Self-Centered

Nobody likes it when a person talks only about themselves.  Same with companies.  So you don’t want your feed to be ONLY about you.  You should be sharing information about other companies/topics that are related to you and that your audience will care about.  One of the easiest ways to find content ideas is to use content discovery platforms like DrumUp.  There are many out there, but they are great tools to help find relevant content that fits your niche.  

Help People Answer a Question

One of the primary reasons anyone goes on the internet is to solve a problem or look for information/answers to a question.  You should keep this in mind anytime you post something to your Facebook page.  Ask yourself: “Is this something my audience cares about?”  “Will this help my audience?”  “Will it make their lives easier?” Also, write the posts so that they are addressed to your audience – talk TO them!  

While some of this content will be serious (depending on your business), again it is important to keep it light and mix in some fun stuff too – your audience will appreciate you for it!

So you’re going to have to put some thought into this, or enlist the help of social media experts (like us) who have done this before and can help you out!

4.  Don’t Do All the Talking, Encourage Your Audience!

High-quality content requires an investment in terms of time to create, but you don’t have to be the only one creating content on your Facebook Page.   The great thing about social media is that now it’s not a one-way push of information (like traditional advertising) – rather, it’s now become a two-way street where you can have conversations.  

This means that your audience can actually help make your job easier by contributing content for you!  Even though your audience can participate in the conversation, it’s up to you to encourage them and give them a reason to.   The best way to do this is to facilitate a conversation.

  • Ask a question and talk about a topic that your audience is passionate about
  • Always reply to comments, but keep the response open-ended as well so the conversation continues on your feed
  • Create simple-to-execute conversational contests around your products / services that make it easy for people to participate

For example, everyone around the world is taking selfies.  To create a contest around selfies – it doesn’t even need to have a prize, as long as there is a compelling reason for people to be a part of it (making it fun and entertaining is always a good reason!).   But there are many other ways, including “tell your story” contests and much more.  

Creativity goes a long way – especially because so many brands are doing the same boring stuff on Facebook.  So dare to be different.  Maybe some ideas won’t work out, so just try something different.  When you do find something that works well, you’ll be amazed at the interaction and results!

5.  Don’t Overlook Facebook Groups to Engage With Your Audience

Facebook Groups are pages set up by people for others to gather to discuss certain interests.  Often, people go to these specific group pages to share useful information or to ask questions to other members of the group.  There are SO many Facebook groups out there, and they are increasing rapidly.  

Participating in relevant groups is a cost-effective way for your business to get involved in conversations, and to connect with your target audience.  The success of this strategy is based on your research in joining the right groups and making sure you join actively engaged users of the group.  

The best way to get to know your audience in Facebook Groups on a first name basis and being active and participate in conversations.  Facebook Groups are a great way to get feedback for new products or get ideas for new products.

** NOTE:  Whenever you join groups it is critical that you read the guidelines so you know what is allowed / not allowed.  You should also remember that you should NOT be actively “selling” in these groups, but instead – helping to answer questions and solve problems.  If you are helpful, people will begin to trust you and it can help build goodwill toward your company and enhance your reputation (which can lead to sales).  

6.  Encourage Customers to “Check-in” on Facebook for Latest News

Another FREE way to get exposure on Facebook is to encourage your customers to “check-in” on Facebook.  Every time a Facebook user checks-in to your location, the post or update pops-up on the users friends news feed.  That’s an instant impression that you didn’t have to pay anything for.  

Lots of local businesses are doing this, like restaurants, where they even give discounts or promotions if people “check-in” while at the establishment.  Another idea is to make a “Cool” selfie spot in your office, and encourage visitors (or even employees) to take a selfie there and check-in.  But of course, you have to give them a reason…and again, make it fun!   

Check-in’s also get updated to your Facebook Page, and the more that you have, the better more credibility is attributed to your company.  Research shows that if people know that their friends and families have been to a place or bought something, they are far more likely to visit it themselves or do it themselves. 

Get Started Using These FREE Facebook Marketing Techniques Today!

As many businesses struggle with how to use Facebook to achieve their marketing goals, it’s critical that they not look over these simple and FREE Facebook marketing techniques that can be implemented today.  They are not only simple, but they can be highly effective in helping you to grow your audience and increase your engagement online.

Want Help Getting Started?

No worries, that’s why we’re here.  We’re happy to chat with you to give some advice, or even do the work for you.

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