Digital Marketing & Social Media Services
for Small to Medium Businesses

Simple to Understand.  Easy for You.

We are passionate about helping businesses understand and succeed in today's digital marketing world.  Our goal is to take this complex, and fast-changing industry and make it easy for you to "get it" so you can achieve success!  We provide diverse and carefully tailored services to each client based on their unique needs.

Think of us as Your Extended Team

How We Can Help You

Social Media Management

We get it, social media is intimidating.  It's confusing, overwhelming...and can be a real time-waster for you as a business owner.  Our team can take the burden off you, so you can focus your valuable time on more important things.

  • Social media audit & strategy development
  • Set up and management of social channels
  • Create and share relevant content
  • Account growth and community engagement
  • Influencer engagement campaigns

Primary Platforms Supported:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn.  

Learn more about each platform here.

Social Media Packages Start As Low as $450 per Month
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Digital Marketing Support

Get the benefits of a full marketing team, without the overhead costs.  We can help you with a variety of tasks on an as-needed basis.  Think of us as your extended team.

  • Digital strategy development
  • Content creation, copywriting, graphic design
  • PR and influencer outreach
  • Blog / website support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) & keyword research
  • Lead generation / mailing lists / newsletters
  • Marketing project management
Marketing Support Pricing is Quoted Per Project or on a Monthly Retainer
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Digital Marketing Consulting & Training

We also offer one-on-one digital marketing and social media consulting for businesses who want a greater understanding, and we offer training for those who want to learn how to do some of the work themselves.

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If you aren't sure what you need yet, or just want an initial consultation, feel free to contact us.

We're happy to chat with you and learn more about your business needs, and discuss what we can do for you.

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Our Happy Clients

Josh and Liz KNOW digital media. They were one of the "founding fathers" of the Mountainsmith ambassador team and really helped me to get the program off the ground. Every contribution made to our content strategy was written with a keen eye for SEO and an understanding for our target audience. That is hard to find and I am glad we had him and his wife on the team for many years. They have been a pleasure to work with.

Jeremy Dodge, Mountainsmith